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commit decisionsIt’s that time again. Time to build your latest forecast.

Some sales leaders dread this point in the business cycle. Why, because they feel vulnerable to the false promises of the sales team. For many it’s a challenge to make the right decision on whether to commit or not.

Sound familiar?

The research behind our software tools showed us two things can help you make better commit decisions.

First, know if the deal going to happen at all. You wouldn’t want to commit a deal that is unlikely to happen in the period, would you? Being informed about the customer’s ‘readiness to buy’ means you filter out deals unlikely to contribute to growth.

Next, are you likely to win? Commit deals are those where you are confident you have a great chance of winning; where you have the right solution and can differentiate yourself clearly. Where this winning position is less clear, make a decision to make these deals ‘upside’.

Whilst there are no guarantees, information helps you to stop gambling on hunches. Do you have a systematic way to analyse, categorise and make decisions on your forecast?

Good selling.

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