Diagnose the real issues impacting your company’s growth potential.

It’s frustrating when your numbers are below expectations, and you don’t know WHY.

If you don’t really know WHAT to change, or when the training and tools you’ve used before haven’t worked, it’s time for a fresh perspective. Replace intuition with the science of selling.

Companies are investing significantly to find growth in ever more competitive markets. We find that CEOs, and their boards, are increasingly concerned that their investments in sales performance are not delivering the advantage they want. Sound familiar?

The first step on any effective sales transformation is to understand where things are today. Use objective insights to identify the right problems to solve.


Benchmark your company

Prioritise your issues to solve

Build stakeholder consensus

The manager who comes up with the right solution to the wrong problem is more dangerous than the manager who comes up with the wrong solution to the right problem.

Peter Drucker, the founding father of modern management studies!

Which assessment is right for you?

Sales Acumen health checks are complementary, and they will help you to reflect on how you are doing. Each assessment is focused on one of five key dimensions of performance in the world of B2B sales.

A Sales Acumen Team health check, with an associated feedback session, will collect opinions from different stakeholders in your company. Consolidate these findings and look to identify consensus and different points of view; fuelling a more informed next steps discussion.

For the ultimate in sales science and intelligence, a Sales Force Evaluation provides detailed insights for every salesperson, manager and leader in your team. Your results are compared with over 2.1 million prior submissions, to give you a scientific analysis of your sales team’s quality.


Quick 25

A quick-fire, 25 question sales health-check that you can do in a few minutes.

Score your sales approach against some key questions related to B2B sales performance.

View your Quick 25 Score immediately and, optionally, enter your details to get a report emailed instantly to your inbox.

Sales Acumen Health Checks

These individual health checks dig a little deeper than Quick 25. It’s free to register and use.

Each health check provides you with the perfect opportunity to reflect on your company’s sales approach in greater detail than quick 25.

All you need is a cuppa, your mind and a little time.

There are five health checks available. Take one, some or all – then view your results instantly.

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Talent Strategy
  3. Sales Management
  4. Sales Methodology
  5. Account Management

Sales Acumen Team Health Check

Identify the key people in sales, marketing, support, management and executive roles. Select those whose opinion you will value.

This is a paid company assessment for typically between 10 and 30 key stakeholders across your company. 

On completion of the team’s health checks, we consolidate the responses and analyse your data in detail; before walking you through the headline findings in a feedback session.

The feedback helps you find consensus and agree your next steps.

Sales Force Evaluation

When you want a complete picture of your company’s sales capability, a Sales Force Evaluation is for you. This is the most accurate sales force evaluation available

Go much deeper than the Sales Acumen Health Checks. Find answers to the key questions you have about your team’s sales performance, as individuals and as a whole.

Assess every member of your sales team in detail. They each receive a personalised Sales Insights report detailing their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them with the best performers. Each manager also gets a coaching report for every member of their team to support their coaching. 

In a detailed workshop session, we walk your business leaders through the key findings, and facilitate the development of a plan for next steps.

Outside In are a certified partner of Objective Management Group, who have conducted over 2.1 million assessments in the last 30 years. 

Would you like to discuss how to approach evaluating your sales team?

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