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Take the first step on your journey.

Assess your company’s sales capability and identify key areas to unlock your competitive advantage.

Benchmark your company

Based on the best performers we have benchmark scores. Use these to compare your company’s performance with best practice.

Build consensus

A team assessment can be used to bring stakeholders together from across the company, sharing perspectives and helping you to build a way forward.

Spot the right problems to fix

Don’t solve the wrong problems really well. Focus on change where it will matter to your performance.

1 – Individual assessment (Free)

Invest FIVE minutes to individually answer 40 questions about your company’s B2B sales capability.

You instantly receive an email containing your summary report, comparing your company with high level benchmarks to get you started.

2 – Team Assessment (Paid option)

A more detailed assessment for typically between 10 and 50 people.

Each person answers >150 questions to build detailed company profile.

We consolidate your submissions and analyse results, before three x 30 minute sessions that help you build your sales transformation plan.

Would you like to discuss a team assessment for your company?

* the feedback sessions can be run together as a half day physical workshop or as three separate 90 minute virtual workshop sessions. Upto 20 people can be accommodated in each session and we recommend representatives at all levels to help with advancement. 

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