Assess : Understand reality, build a foundation for where you want to go.

Do you have the answers to those sales specific questions you have?

How could we sell more? Are we able to sell value? How can we differentiate? Are the right people in my team, doing the right things? And so on.

Too often sales teams are run by the intuition of managers.

If you add the ‘science of selling’ to manager intuition you can build a more successful team. And we know that successful teams deliver better results and outperform the market.

A detailed assessment, proven in over 300,000 companies could help.


You need to grow. What are the right problems for you to solve?

Companies are investing significant effort and funds to improve sales performance. Growth is a strategic issue, competitive advantage the concern and taking market share a key measure of success.

We see that shareholders and CEO’s are increasingly concerned that investments in sales & marketing performance are not delivering the expected results. Sound familiar?

For some the answer lies in poor execution of a great plan.

Others have done an amazing job, unfortunately it has been to solve the wrong problems really well.

In both cases the outcome is that results are not improving in line with expectations.

Are your performance initiatives failing because of poor execution or is it that you are not fixing the right problems? 


Consider four core drivers of B2B sales performance.


There are four core performance drivers for B2B Sales; 

Your purpose in terms of the growth, go to market selling model, leadership and experience. 

How compelling and differentiated your proposition is.

Your sales people and their ability to execute your strategy

Consistency of this execution is key, and an effective process will help you drive this.

There are so many aspects underpinning each one.

Do you know where your performance affecting problems lie?


Here’s some example questions we can hep you answer.

How can we sell our value not push products?

The shift from product to value selling depends on the quality of your sales people. Can they cut it? Measure the consultative and value selling capabilities of your team then coach improvement.

How can I make the right re-org decisions for my sales team?

Sales and role specific evaluations that scientifically measures the selling capabilities of your team. Use this bench marked insight to right-size your sales team and place the right sales people in the right roles.

How can I recruit the best sales people and make fewer mistakes?

Accurate and predictive candidate assessments will lower risk and cost associated with poor sales hires. Set the recruitment bar high, filter out poor candidates and engage the best people to take your growth to the next level.

Can we onboard faster and more effectively?

On average it takes a rep 9.2 months to reach productivity, and they stay for 18 months. So it’s vital to get the maximum return from their tenure with you. See where to focus on-boarding.

How can my managers improve team performance?

Armed with detailed insights on every person in their team, sales managers and leaders have what they need to coach an individual’s sales performance.

How do I get the best return from my L&D investment?

Where do you invest limited L&D budgets for most sales impact? Use measurement to identify sales weaknesses to inform your L&D strategy. Get more results from your L&D spend.

To discuss how science can provide answers your sales performance questions

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