AccountPlan QuickStart - Resources to your inbox

AccountPlan QuickStart series of messages will help you hit the ground running.

Each message contains short tips, links and guides over the course of two weeks, delivered straight to your inbox!

The messages include information such as;

  1. Links to user guide and useful aide-memoir for AccountPlan.
  2. Pull the account team together to focus on building a great plan.
  3. A guide to improving your relevance by aligning to customer objectives.
  4. Interpreting spend landscapes as a strategic tool.
  5. Use a rating scale to score stakeholders consistently.
  6. A guide to account management KPI’s and what they mean.
  7. See how KPI’s build the account development grid to help with segmentation.
  8. Improve goal setting using a simple flowchart to help categorise and focus future plans.
  9. Kick start activities and advance your account position with better meeting plans.
  10. How to plan for and deliver an account review with impact.



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