Objective win-loss insights can focus improvement and help growth
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Whether you win or lose the best performers understand why this happens and use this to improve their future performance. WinLoss is a systematic program that helps you to move on from asking your reps for feedback and unlocks your competitive advantage.


Improve win rates

Use insights to focus future selling activity and improve win ratios in the long term.

Shorter sales cycles

Know the things that help you win faster, then do them at the right time more often to reduce average sales cycle time.

Respond and improve

Use voice of customer feedback on why you win and lose to make decisions, take action and improve your sales KPI performance.


Our approach to systematically collect and act on win loss analysis is built to meet your needs. We offer in depth approaches where you have few, large deals through to more systematic approaches for higher volume operations.


Helpful insights

Information will help you to really understand why you win and lose.


Risk factors

Our analysis highlights key risks that might be holding you back from growth.



Using an independent third party (i.e. Outside In) limits the bias from sales teams doing it.


Action orientated

We will work with you to identify and execute improvement activities.


Customised to you

We build YOUR approach starting with our standard approach.



We engage customers professionally to boost your reputation.

Why Outside In.

Our win loss insights approach delivers insights that you can use to improve your future performance. A blend of qualitative and quantitative insights will open your eyes.

Experienced team with over 20 years of individual experience in managing, developing and leading teams of sales professionals.


To build objective and insightful WinLoss programme

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