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Virtual Coach

Bite-sized challenges and instant, personal feedback from a virtual coach to lift performance
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People forget the content from traditional training programmes with no reinforcement, as a result your investment is wasted. Instead use Virtual Coach to focus on developing specific skills in bite-sized chunks. Set regular challenges based on your real-life selling situations. Understand who in the team can handle it and instantly coach the rest.


of traditional training content that is forgotten in 30 days without reinforcement


of the workforce will be video-savvy millennials in 10 years


of managers spend more than a quarter of their time coaching


of sales people want to be coached

Instant coaching

Focused skills development

Improve performance

Set challenges based on real life situations

Simply record a video challenge and distribute. Pick real life issues faced in your daily conversations, such as handling a specific  objection or presenting your value proposition. Your sales team easily record their video or audio response and submit.


Personalised feedback

Managers review the submissions and provide instant and personalised feedback to every individual. If you want an independent coach to feedback too, we are here to help.

To see how Virtual Coach can help you to develop selling skills in agile, bite-sized chunks

Consistently rate challenges

Define the important measures for each challenge. Use these measures to consistently grade every submission and share this back to individuals. Based on feedback sales people can see how well they have done, learn from others and focus their development. 

Reward good practice

Further improve adoption and engagement by rewarding those who hit your expected standard.

A small investment can deliver big results. 

Share the best responses

Collect and share the best responses in the team, and build a library of “best practice” that can be used to accelerate the ramp up time for new hires. 

To see how Virtual Coach can help you to develop selling skills in agile, bite-sized chunks

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