The ValueBuilder Selling System®

A value selling methodology that can be used to guide your sales process, skills development and coaching engagements

Buyers expect more

Modern buyers have high expectations of the sellers they work with – to position the value of solutions to their company’s challenges. 

Product centric, ‘me-me’ messaging is no longer enough to engage business buyers. You fail to stand out from the rest of the market and, as a result, you’re missing out on growth.

Are your sales team capable of differentiating your company’s value against competitors?

Guided sales conversations

Business sales teams often deal with complex customers, situations, projects and requirements. That’s the nature of the role. 

A consistently applied value selling process will  improve engagement and help your team to unlock customer value. Core to this is good conversations at every stage of the engagement.

How are you preparing your sales team to have the right conversations at each step?

Here’s your blueprint

Sales leaders want their sales team to be more consultative, but have struggled to embed a more systematic approach to this. 

Training alone is not enough, it’s important to embed this theory into your business practices for it to stick.

The ValueBuilder Selling System®can help. Use it as a blueprint from which to develop your own, value selling process

Components of The ValueBuilder Selling system®

Reusable templates that improve collaboration, planning and focus

Step by step guidance, with optional tools, to support effective value selling

Messaging and methods to help sellers work more productively