The ValueBuilder Selling System®

A blueprint for value selling.

Are your sales team successfully differentiating your company’s offers against the competition?

If they are, you’ll be taking market share from the product-centric competitors in your industry. If not, they’ll be taking it from you.

B2B teams, dealing with their customer’s complex situations, have long desired to be more consultative. Are you having conversations that add value to customers throughout your sales process?

If not, this is how The ValueBuilder Selling System®  can help you. It will guide your sales team at each step, helping them to have the right conversations containing the right messages.

Would you like to stand out in your crowded marketplace and align your company behind a consistent value-based sales approach?

Use the ValueBuilder Selling System® to close high-value deals faster.

Once you land, use it to retain, grow and expand.

Why is value building relevant to you?

Buyers have higher expectations of the B2B sellers they work with. Product centric, ‘me’ messaging is no longer enough to engage with business people. They expect sellers to articulate the value of solutions in the context of their company’s challenges.

The ValueBuilder Selling System® connects and guides the development of the right sales process, tools and sales capability.

How well is your transition to selling value going?

Duration 2 minutes

Templated value-building process

Reusable ValueBuilder ‘canvas’ templates guide your sales team through a proven, comprehensive methodology for value-based conversations.

Use them to integrate sales, marketing and commercial teams throughout your revenue process. Co-create your messaging and deliver a more joined-up approach to customer engagement.

Are all of your teams pulling in the same direction to deliver customer value?

Assess your readiness to sell value

Try this ValueBuilder Health Check for your company, to identify potential improvement opportunities and the problems that might be holding your performance back.

If you are serious about improvement, a detailed assessment of your selling capability will accurately diagnose where you are.  Measure your team’s selling capability and compare with the best practice in over 2 million salespeople, 200 industries and 31,000 companies.

Do you know if your sales team have what it takes to sell on value, rather than price? Are you sure?

Provide selling tools for guided selling

Integrate helpful sales tools into your business process, and embed The ValueBuilder Selling System® principles in Salesforce.

This consistent use of guided-selling will help to digitally transform your sales function. This delivers better adoption, governance and results.

Are you ready to take the step toward data-driven sales management?

Develop value selling capability

Sales training and eLearning can educate your sales team. Blend this training, with coaching and reinforcement, and this will lift the capability of your sales team.

We help sales managers become great sales coaches. Armed with a proven coaching process and aided by conversation coaching tools, managers have what they need to coach their team.

Are your sales managers helping your team to implement your Go-To-Market strategy successfully?

Increase sales team productivity

Remote selling is the new reality of B2B sales. How are you doing and are you standing out against your competition?

Adapting your sales process can help your sales team to sell effectively from home. Using new techniques, sales team’s can improve sales velocity, win-rates for higher-value opportunities and reduce customer churn. Together these things will grow your revenue.

How are you using the remote selling tools and approaches to deliver education, insights and information customers need to buy from you with confidence?

Would you like to differentiate on value not price?

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