The ValueBuilder Selling System®

A blueprint for developing your value selling methodology.

Are your sales team successfully differentiating your company’s offers against the competition?

If they are, you’ll be taking market share from the product-centric competitors in your industry. If not, they’ll be taking it from you.

B2B teams, dealing with their customer’s complex situations, have long desired to be more consultative. Are you having conversations that add value to customers throughout your sales process?

If not, this is how The ValueBuilder Selling System® can help. Use it as a blueprint from which to develop your own, value selling process. Guide the team at every step to have the right conversations.

Would you like to stand out in your crowded marketplace and align your company behind a consistent value-based sales approach?

The ValueBuilder Selling System® is a sales methodology to close high-value deals faster.

And once you land them, to retain, grow and expand your accounts.

Why should value building be important to you?

Buyers have higher expectations of the B2B sellers they work with. Product centric, ‘me’ messaging is no longer enough to engage with business people. They expect sellers to articulate the value of solutions in the context of their company’s challenges.

The ValueBuilder Selling System® connects and guides the development of the right sales process, tools and sales capability.

How well is your transition to selling value going?

Duration 2 minutes

Would you like your team to be able to differentiate on value rather than price?

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