SalesCoach app will help you to coach with greater impact

The SalesCoach app is for sales managers who want to be more effective sales coaches.  

Prepare, run and follow up more effectively on your skills, deal, call and strategy coaching activities using a simple application with your coachees/team.

With simple workflow, templates and video guidance you can track progress, hold your group to account and measure the impact of your coaching activity.

Complementary SalesCoach, self-directed training will boost your confidence and help you to be a great sales coach faster.


Easily track progress

Prepare for success

Measure coaching impact

Control session workflow

With automated workflow for the preparation, completion and follow up feedback process, it is easier to manage the back and forth flow around your coaching sessions.

Different workflows and templates are used for skills coaching, deal coaching and call coaching to focus the process on the right things.

E-mail prompts and reminders ensure that each party is kept informed of progress.

Keep track of goals and progress

Each of your coachees can build their goals in a way that you can view easily.

Using a simple SMART-based format for goal setting, it is easy for your coaches to understand and do thoroughly.

Regular journal updates allow you and the coachee to keep track of progress, making it easier to hold accountable.


Custom competencies

Your group of coachees may be from different companies and roles, each with its own competency framework.

No problem, add custom competency profiles for each role and assign roles to companies and groups.

With specific competencies for each person, you can focus on the real development needs identified in your assessments.

Targetted help & guidance

Coaches and companies can upload specific help content for their groups to use.

Standard user help for SalesCoach to support the user’s experience.

Coaches can pro-actively suggest help content for key activities.

Access anywhere

Very few of us are working from a fixed location, and the SalesCoach app is available where you are.

Log in from anywhere on your PC, tablet or mobile to access your coaching information.

Run meetings using the guidance provided on your phone, helping you to focus on the right agenda for every session.

Capture notes and updates from your sessions on the move, and read coachee updates as they happen.

Find out how SalesCoach can enhance the impact of your coaching

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