Be confident that you have the right talent to deliver growth for your company.
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When ‘Sales high-­performers deliver 67% more revenue a year every year compared with average performers’ (McKinsey’s ‘War for Talent 2000’ survey) ask yourself – are your sales people bringing you competitive advantage, or disadvantaging you in the marketplace? Use TalentAssess to profile your sales team’s capability and use detailed insights to build a performing team.


Productive reviews

See at a glance whether each individual is above or below the standard you need for successful growth. Use this insight to hold more productive performance reviews.

Team confidence

Be sure you have a team of winners. Benchmark each person with the profile of a global high-performer for any of 16 roles, and identify where reward is due and where changes are needed.

Competitive advantage

With the right talent you will win more often, increase productivity and build a winning culture. Without it you might well struggle to compete.

Understanding in detail how our people compared to best practice opened the door for more productive discussions.

Sales VP, Telco


We use globally bench-marked assessments, with experienced feedback and detailed debriefing to help the individual and the company to understand capabilities better.


Sales assessment

Detailed b2b sales assessments on specific sales and sales leadership roles.

Clear guidance

We feedback objective and insightful information you can use for talent planning.

Role specific assessments

An individual is assessed against behavioural competency, critical reasoning, motivation and skills specific to their role.

Detailed feedback

We present back our findings, helping managers to interpret the analysis and use it for better development discussions.

Global benchmarks

Compare individuals from inside and outside the organisation, and across geographies, in an objective and consistent manner.

Identify training needs

Each assessment generates a comprehensive individual skills analysis, supported by an aggregated view across the team for team training needs analysis.

Why Outside In.

Experienced team with over 20 years of individual experience in managing, developing and leading teams of sales professionals.

The assessments are based on best practice competency frameworks and benchmark data extends to thousands of respondents.

To talk about how TalentAssess can help you build competitive advantage

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