Do you want to coach your sales team, and need a boost to get started?


Coaching your team is the #1 priority for the best performing B2B sales managers. Think for a moment about these questions.

  1. Are your team selling the value of your company solutions to target customers?
  2. Can you easily access intelligence about your sales team’s sales conversations with their customers?
  3. How confident are you that your approach to coaching is building an improvement culture in your team?

If this describes you as a sales manager, this coaching programme might work for you.

(if you are an individual seller, we have something different specifically for you)

You get

In this 3 month program, you get full access to a number of our most popular services, focused on helping to you coach and improve the quality of your team’s b2b sales conversations.

Get the tools, insights and process you need to improve your coaching skills and your team’s performance:

  1. 5.5 Hours of personal coaching: Two 45 minute coaching sessions/month plus an hour to get started.
  2. Conversation coach TEAM access for 3 months (up to 10 people*). Use this to easily capture and analyse your team’s sales conversations.
  3. An objective analysis of your team’s conversation data: Your coach will review the data in Conversation Coach and discuss findings with you.
  4. Instant access to eLearning, Call coaching for managers  – see curriculum here.

Bonus:  Your team* get instant access to our eLearning course  Managing and Winning opportunities. You can use this to systematically qualify and manage pipeline opportunities better.

We use The ValueBuilder Selling System TM to bring focus to your coaching sessions.

* if you have more than 10 people or multiple teams please book a consultation to talk about this.


With a clear conversation coaching process and the tools to analyse and measure performance, you can coach your team better

Improve the QUALITY of your team’s sales conversations

Value orientated sales conversations will create more pipeline

The right value messaging, used correctly, will help your team to win more business, faster.

Develop a systematic approach to opportunity qualification and management 


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