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Sales Force Evaluation

Answering the killer questions about your sales team performance

Do you have the right sales people in the right roles? How much impact does your sales management have on your results? What is holding back your growth ambitions? Answer these questions and many more with a sales force evaluation which details your company’s selling capability. 

Seller evaluations completed globally

Sales manager evaluations completed

Do you have the right people to grow?

Role specific and sales specific measurement of selling capability. Understand in detail every individual, manager and leader and use this insight to get the right people in the right roles to fuel growth. We don’t offer one-sized evaluations or personality tests.

How can your sales team improve their individual performance?

Sales specific measures against a proven competency model. Because it’s been used to evaluate nearly two million sales people you can be confident it’ll spot their strengths, risks and weaknesses.

What are salespeople doing to close more business? and not doing?

This white paper summarises the findings, based on over 1.7m evaluations. Get it here

How do you close more sales?

You see a summary analysis for every individual, team and manager in your sales team. See how they score against the detailed competencies essential to their role, things needed to help your company compete in your market.  

Do sales leaders impact sales performance?

Understand the impact that sales managers and leaders have on the sales performance of your team. Improving your sales management performance is a key lever for growth. 

Low risk guarantee

Objective Management Group have been doing sales evaluations for 30 years. We’re confident this investment will deliver actionable insights that help you succeed, or it is free. Guaranteed!

To discuss how we can help you build sales capability for your business

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