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Sales Candidate Assessments

Detailed candidate intelligence for hiring sales A-players
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*1 Sirius Decisions  *2  Strategic Marketing Association

The opportunity cost of sales rep turnover exceeds $100,000 per seller*1. New sales hires only become productive after 11.2 months*2

 Sales candidate assessments deliver the data you need for better hiring decisions. They are accurate and predictive of success so you can lower your risk and cost of poor sales hires, shorten ramp-up time and take your growth to the next level.


Recommended hires reaching top half performer in 12 months


Candidates 'Not Recommended' but hired who fail in 6 months

New Hires who have completed a predictive candidate assessment

Watch this video to see how Sales Candidate Assessments can transform your recruitment success.

Interview fewer but better candidates

Take the guesswork out of selection. Save hours of admin and interview time by progressing only the right candidates. You see a list of those we recommended, and others that the science says won’t help you to succeed.

Sales specific competency measurement

Measure each candidate against a proven competency model. Because it’s been used to evaluate nearly two million sales people you can be confident it’ll spot strengths, risks and weaknesses.

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Candidate Analyser Dashboard

Watch the progress or candidate submissions and easily see which applicants meet the standard you need.

Low risk guarantee

Objective Management Group have been doing sales assessments for 30 years. We’re confident this investment will deliver actionable insights that help you succeed, or it is free. Guaranteed!

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