Playbook guides sellers, tracks engagement and marketing ROI

With the PlayBook, you can improve Sales Enablement effectiveness.

Sellers are guided to relevant content when it is needed to support your sales process, right on their Salesforce pages.

When content is read or shared you receive detailed engagement analytics. This triggers faster follow up by your sales team and this, in turn, improves the velocity of your sales process.

Rich activity analytics data connects the use of content with success in your pipeline.

These connected insights in Salesforce help you to maximise ROI and accelerate sales.

Guide reps to the right content at the right time

Customise content to target customers

Connect analytics to success to drive ROI

Playbook is the only 100% native Salesforce application to guide your sales reps throughout the sales process.

Share, track and analyse the consumption of content with customers. Protect sensitive assets to allow for internal-only usage.

Contextual content can be shared with sellers based on their use of Salesforce – if they’re in accounts they get industry-specific content to support account planning, in opportunities the right content for that stage of the sales process and so on.

Content can be tailored using any standard or custom field in Salesforce.

We are proud to be a value added reseller of Sales Enablement from Data Dwell.


Asset library

Store asset libraries to build winning playbooks based on your most effective content



Build insights from tracking of customer opens, clicks and page viewing habits.


Detailed reporting

Use standard Salesforce + content share data to add richness detailed reports & dashboards


Guided selling

Align marketing collateral to guide your reps with your defined sales process.


Simple sharing

Reps can easily share content without leaving CRM and the task in hand.


Native Salesforce

100% native in Salesforce means no security risk of data leaving your company.

Would you like to build winning playbooks and use them to guide your selling?

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