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Online training to improve deal management and win rates
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Investing in sales development is one of the things that the best performers do differently, as a result the best performers win 19% more often. Their teams have the skills to manage opportunities professionally and consistently.


New selling skills

Improve the selling skills of the sales team, helping them to qualify decisively and plan winning deal strategy more often.

Sticky learning

With time to learn, apply and reflect on content, new skills are more likely to be retained for use in the workplace.

Flexible modules 

With eight modules over three weeks, shorter lessons will fit into the teams busy week and keep them on the road selling.

Finally we have a common approach in our business to opportunity qualification

VP Sales, Software and Services

In comparison to other sales methodologies I’ve used in the past, this is the most clear in terms of terminology and application. Overall very impressed. Thank you.

Learner, 2016

Opportunity management training online. Helping B2B sales professionals to focus on winnable deals. Learn about effective contact planning, assessing deal health, building deal strategy and developing action plans that drive advancement and improve win rates.


Learn where and when you want.


Pay per learner. No external consultancy fees.

Easy to understand

Plain English videos and tutorials with quizzes to repeat and test learnings.

Watch a short overview of the training structure now.

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