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Driving growth, delivering results and implementing change requires that the leadership team pull in the same direction. LeadershipCoach gets the whole team on board with your exciting journey so you can turbocharge performance.


Increase clarity

Working together your leadership team will clarify what they want to achieve and why. Develop an identity, and set of behaviours to help deliver your priorities for individuals and the whole team.

Increase performance

Leadership actions define your organisational culture and set the standard for performance. Challenging leaders to understand their impact on performance is the start of improving it.

Improve trust

You get better communication across the team and this improved working relationship aids performance, especially in stressful periods.


This is having a far greater impact on the team than any previous coaching or training that we have used. I would highly recommend.

HR Director, Hospitals goup

A unique and refreshing coaching programme for our leadership team, giving us the tools we need to modify our approach and remove the blocks to achieving more.

Managing Director, Entertainment Distribution Business


LeadershipCoach is a set of workshops where your leadership team come together to identify opportunities for growth, think in a new way and set out a new direction. Individual coaching then supports personal development.


Pre-event assessment

A set of one on one discussions and a structured online assessment focuses the group on the dimensions of high performing teams.


Team building workshop

Get the team together to define goals, identify gaps and set out a new path to higher performance. Group engagement improves communication and focus on growth.


Ongoing coaching

Follow up personalised calls to discuss change, challenges and to answer questions related to the new direction required for growth


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