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Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment. What do they want and need? How do they procure solutions? Whilst this isn’t about you specifically, it will help you to build understanding and empathy. Use JourneyMap to focus a more compelling offer that helps you grow.


Buyer awareness

Build a journey map to help you understand more, giving you the edge when it comes to building relationships.

Engaged buyers

Use the insights you have about a buyers preferences to improve how you engage with them.

Control costs

Limit waste, focus investment into the moments of truth that make a difference to customer value.

Wow, that was so enlightening! I get my customer much better now.

Journey mapping workshop attendee, 2015


A facilitated workshop help you to complete a b2b customer journey map.


Experienced Facilitator

Experienced professionals with will guide your team step by step



Involve your team, top to bottom, in workshops that help them to see your business in a news way!



Our approach will take you from primary customer research to clear journey map in simple steps.

To discuss how BuyerMap can help you understand your buyers journey

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