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Sales teams need to be more relevant when in contact with a buyer. They need to be more informed about the industry, the account and their individual circumstances if they stand a chance of creating value. InSight helps you to truly engage buyers in value based conversations that will help you find growth.


Industry aware

For companies with industry sector alignment, regularly engaging with customers using relevant information will improve your reputation as a partner not a supplier.

Deeper relationships

Using detailed intelligence on companies and individuals helps you to engage people in the right way – thus saving time, money and effort whilst improving relationships.

Sustained growth

Better account relationships and credibility leads to increased portfolio penetration and therefore a greater share of wallet for your company.

We needed some specific intelligence to help us get access to a key customer on a £multi-million bid, and this insight helped to open the door.

Bid leader, IT Services


To get the best return on your sales effort – your messages need to be relevant, timely and targeted. Get it right, and you’ll close more sales more quickly.


Meaningful intelligence

Specific, personal and relevant insights on customers by industry, account or even individual/budget holder. We help you build compelling links to your solutions that give your sales team opportunities to engage.


Individual profile insight

In-depth individual profiles on key people in your customer base. They may be key decision makers or influencers and you need to get to know them better.


Easy access

We do the hard work for you. Using trained experts to share intelligence that your team can use to unlock an account.

Why Outside In

We bring a new perspective, helping you to think about customer value from outside in.

A team of professional digital researchers, marketing, sales, communications and psychologists can build a detailed picture of industries, accounts and individuals.

To collect relevant intelligence that unlocks an account or opportunity today

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