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Digitally transform your opportunity management and deal coaching process, to win more deals and control pipeline risk.

Selling teams use DealSheet to consistently qualify opportunities to focus on winnable deals. This improves win rates and improves productivity.

Sales Managers use DealCoach to review progress and offer feedback to sellers.

Sales operations teams use DealSheet to provide detailed and valuable insights to improve pipeline and forecast quality.

DealSheet was recognised as a Top Sales Tool in 2016, 17, 18, 19 and 2020.

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Map relationships for every deal.

Capture details of the buying team in an opportunity and improve the effectiveness of your contact strategy. 

DealSheet helps teams to understand the influence and specific needs of everyone on the buying team.

Map your team’s relationships and this will help you to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Help sales managers to coach deals more effectively.

Many sales managers review deals only in pipeline or forecast calls. Sadly, this is not sufficient to improve the quality of the opportunities.

DealCoach is a guided process for deal reviews, used by the sales team and managers to consistently review the quality of the opportunity.

Customisable guidance and information surfaced from DealSheet inform the conversation at each stage, with detailed reporting available. 

Customise your qualification questions.

Not all opportunities can be qualified in the same way. You likely have different deal types from new, renwal, simple and complex. 

Build templated qualification questions related to the buying process that is right for your business.

Users find it easy to use, with multiple choice answers and the opportunity to add rich narrative in the DealStory for each opportunity.

Update tracking improves collaboration.

On every deal use the Timeline to track edits and changes to DealSheet.

The whole team can transparently input in to your winning deal strategy.

Standard closure plans improve actions. 

Superusers create standard list of tasks & events into closure plans that guide the team to do the right things.

Use them to improve adoption to your governance process, setting clear expectations for actions.

Users select one of your pre-built Closure Plans at the right point in your sales process and this kick starts their action list.

Detailed insights in Salesforce reporting

Detailed data points for every deal help sales operations, managers and executives with decision making.

Reports can highlight pipeline risk, progress on action plans and help to inform a more confident forecast.  

Salesforce reports and Dashboards can be built easily and made available to your team.

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