A holistic programme to improve your customers' experience as a platform for growth.
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Less than 50% of companies who collect customer feedback do something with it. Less than 10% will close the loop with customers and drive true value. Collecting feedback should be a means to an end – to deliver improvements in how you serve customers. With CXManager we help you to build a customer experience strategy that retains customers, creates advocacy and delivers growth.


Loyal advocates

Listening, acting on and improving the customer experience will create loyal customers who are advocates to support your growth ambitions.


Build the right strategy for customer experience management and focus the whole company on the right improvement initiatives.

Accelerate improvement

With a clear plan you will accelerate time to value, control costs and improve productivity.

The in depth assessment of our prior approach to managing customer experience showed us we had many gaps. This really helped us to get back on track.

Head of Customer Experience, Broadcast Services

We used a simple survey before but our customer experience didn't improve. Now we understand why this was and have a clear plan to improve things.

Operations manager, Software


We have many decades of building, running and helping to deliver strategic customer experience programs in B2B. We use our experience to help you to run workshops, build strategy and execute improvement using best practice.


Strategic Assessment

Using our proven model for customer experience management we will assess your current activities and recommend practical next steps to improve results.


Data driven analysis

We will analyse the results of your fieldwork, using our findings to inform and prioritise activities.



Improving the customer experience is a company wide activity. We will support you to run workshops that inspire and engage a broader set of stakeholders.

Lets talk further on how CXManager can help you build loyal customers

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