Coach your team’s conversations and grow revenue

Coaching on the quality of sales conversations does not happen enough, or to the right standard. 

Sales managers claim they lack time to coach every call live, and for many reps this means they don’t get coached at all. This is even harder with the remote nature of many sales calls today.

Your reps want help. They want the be coached. And the best ones want a way to coach, reflect and review themselves.

Using Conversation Coach for internal and remote sales teams, you can improve the quality of every salespersons performance at those key selling moments to maximise revenue.


months is the average ramp up time in for Internal Sales SDR

meaningful conversations per day by each internal sales SDR


of selling engagements are remote not face to face


of traditional training content that is forgotten in 30 days without reinforcement

Help managers coach effectively

A key step in effective coaching of calls is the preparation stage. Notoriously difficult for managers to do this well.

Managers can more easily identify coachable moments, therefore coaching can be more effective as a means of accelerating growth.

Simple search tools and automated trigger messages highlight specific phrases, such as “discount”, “competitor name” to prompt manager coaching.

Marketing teams can listen for the use of key messaging, customer reaction and needs to help build more effective campaign collateral.

Team insights, measures and analysis

Do you know if your team are talking too much? Are you asking the right number of questions? How do the best performers compare with the average?

Armed with detailed insights on your sales team’s conversations, you can monitor, track, coach and improve team performance.

Identify the skills shortages across the team and use this to build your development plan. Invest in developing the right skills, rather than generic sales training.

Train and coach salespeople, then track improvement over time to see results.

Conversation analysis and intelligence

Managers cannot listen to every sales conversation but imagine if this heavy lifting could be done for you

The power of Artificial Intelligence is at your disposal, highlighting those critical selling moments where revenue is being won or lost.

Provide specifc commentry, feedback and scores for a conversation, helping salespeople to understand where they can improve.

Set challenges based on real-life situations
Identify a real-life issue faced in your daily conversations, such as handling a specific objection or presenting your value proposition.

Simply record a video challenge and distribute to your team.

The sales team quickly and easily record their video or audio response and submit.

Instantly identify who ‘smashes it’ and who needs help.

Consistently rate challenges

Define the important measures for each challenge.

Use these measures to consistently grade every submission and share this back to individuals.

Based on feedback salespeople can see how well they have done, learn from others and focus their development.

Accelerate ramp up time

Easily save the best calls and moments to a shared library of “best practice”.

Give access to new hires and they can quickly get top tips on how to do their calls.

As a result, the library of accelerates ramp-up time.

Your existing team members can easily access good practice to help with self-development.

Would you like to improve the quality of your sales conversations?

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