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Conversation Coach

AI powered coaching analysis of sales conversations to grow revenue
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Call coaching does not happen enough, or of sufficient quality. Sales managers don’t have the time to live coach every call. With Conversation Coach for internal sales teams, you can improve performance at key selling moments and maximise revenue. 

months is the average ramp up time in for Internal Sales SDR

meaningful conversations per day by each internal sales SDR


of selling engagements are remote not face to face


fewer deals close when the word "Discount" in a sales call

Help managers coach

Save time, See more

Accelerate results

Team insights and KPI’s

Do you know if your team are talking too much or asking the right number of questions? Armed with detailed insights on your sales team you can monitor and improve team performance. 

Conversation analysis and intelligence

Managers cannot listen to every sales conversation but imagine if this heavy lifting could be done for you – Artificial Intelligence highlights those critical selling moments where revenue is being won or lost.

To improve the quality of your sales conversations

Help managers coach effectively

Search conversations and transcripts for key words and phrases such as “discount”, “competitor” or even a specific “marketing message”.  Easily identify those coachable moments where timely, specific feedback can accelerate your growth.

Identify key development needs

Compare an individual’s sales conversations against your top performers and highlight skills gaps in the team. Train, coach and then easily track improvement over time.

Accelerate ramp up time

Easily save the best calls and moments to a shared library of “best practice”. New hires can access top tips to accelerate ramp up time and existing team members can easily self-help their development. 

To improve the quality of your sales conversations

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