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Coaching a sales team is now a business imperative.
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Coaching a sales team to reach their full potential means you raise productivity, increase engagement and strengthen culture. Teams who are coached will take more ownership of growth targets, control risk better and are more likely to stay with the company.


Increase engagement

Coaching improves the level of employee engagement and this unlocks discretionary effort within your sales team

Productive managers

Increased team productivity comes from better relationships, a more motivating culture and pride in work. A manager who coaches will focus and improve performance.

Reduced costs

A well coached team will feel more responsible for outcomes like growth, waste and efficiency. These ‘valued’ teams will perform better and you control the high costs associated with staff turnover.

As a direct result of the coaching work undertaken we have transformed from a £200M turnover company to a £400M turnover company. What a fantastic return on investment.

UK Sales Director, Financial Services & Leasing

This coaching has resulted in a tangible and measurable change in the effectiveness, style and behaviours of the senior managers. The approach which seeks to balance work, family and personal roles has added a great deal of value to the organisation.

Global Head of People, Multinational Bank


This one day programme offers a blended learning approach; using group discussion, problem solving activities, authentic real life scenarios, cutting edge research and evidence based performance psychology. We follow this up with individual feedback.


Group coaching event

Learn how to give and receive feedback and improve the level of coaching.


Individual follow up

A follow up call will focus on developing individual coaching capability.


Ongoing support

A complimentary follow up ‘help line’ is available for individuals to discuss further development and embed the new approach.


See how we can help you develop your coaching capability

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