Use CallPlan for better meetings and more advancement

The most critical activities in a sales process are the customer meetings.

It is in these key conversations where advancements can be made. In these same moments an error can cost you dearly.

How well prepared are your sales team when they attend these critical meetings?  Do your managers have the information they need to call coach?

This simple [and free] application for Salesforce will help you focus on coaching discussions between sales and managers.

More effective meetings

Activity Insights

It’s free!

CallPlan is a free application for Salesforce.

It provides a set of additional fields to Salesforce for use in your task and event pages.

If your team use them consistently they can improve the quality of their customer engagement.

Together with DealSheet and AccountPlan, CallPlan is recognised as a Top Sales Tool in 2016, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

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