Simply create compelling financial business cases for customers and prove your value.
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Some decisions are driven by emotion yet buyers are increasingly looking for evidence on the value of change. BusinessCase builder helps you create a bespoke ROI case that is personalised to each customer. A fresh approach that will set you apart as you help stakeholders secure project approval.



Take the benefits of your offer and build a custom business case model that justifies the financial impact of your solution.


Only 21% of buyers award contracts to the lowest bidder. Personalise your value case and become a trusted advisor and shorten sales cycles.

Best Practice

An easy to use software tool that captures best practice. Use this to train and guide your sales team to communicate value.

Using a business case approach makes me different to the rest of them, stepping away from bits and bytes and into business impact. It was worth the investment of time.

New Business Acquisition Lead, Telco


First experienced consultants will help you to build your business case framework, then this is captured into a software tool that helps your sales team to easily build a custom business case proposal that proves the impact of your solutions. Experienced CFO’s can coach your team to build awareness and confidence.


CFO led training

Trained CFO’s will help you understand the language of a business case.


Easy to use

Custom screen capture key elements of your value case, no generic models here.



Using the tool with your customers means you work together to build their case.


Report generator

Automatically generate a business case document for customers that reflects your brand.


Multiple models

Build multiple models to reflect your business and offers, using proven investment models that a finance director would understand.


Coaching and support

Experienced CFO’s can coach, review and help you present in a joint meeting your business case, supporting you on your critical deals.

Why Outside In

We are experienced in helping companies to identify the financial impact of their solutions on a customer’s business, turning discussion into numbers.

With thousands of proven business cases ‘in the bag’ this solution will help you to communicate your value more effectively.

If you're interested in creating customer business cases with impact

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