6 Fundamentals of B2B Sales Planning

There are SIX planning related activities that B2B sales teams must do well for better sales performance. Taken together they help you to build a disciplined sales approach.

Get these right and you cover the fundamentals of good sales performance. You will achieve greater consistency and more predictable growth.

Failure to complete these activities makes it harder for the sales team, sales managers and your company as a whole to deliver growth ambitions.

Good planning means structure, guidance and feedback for sales people. This helps them to be more productive.

Great planning uses insights to drive consistency across the team. Sales managers and operations teams can use these to manage and control performance.

In this video we talk further about these six key activities. We help you understand some of the key considerations in each area. We hope it helps to you to do these things better.

And if you are using Salesforce we show how a set of integrated applications tools can work together to help you do this more productively. We offer AccountPlan, DealSheet, Playbook, CallPlan and TerritoryMap.


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