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A better way of Selling


Outside In help sales leaders to improve;

Sales Performance.

Competitive Advantage.



Outside In help sales leaders to improve;

Sales Performance.

Competitive Advantage.


We are problem solvers for B2B sales leaders.


Are you certain that you’re fixing the right problems to deliver growth?

We work ‘outside in’, as part of your team to ensure you find the right answers.

The net result. You find a better way of selling.



Absolutely amazing! 

Garry actively listened in order to learn and understand the most important challenges for my team. He then worked with me to develop and deliver the right interventions to lift performance. He provided wonderful support in engagements with the wider executive stakeholders to build advocacy and consensus.

Gareth Jones

Head of Desk Sales, Virgin Media Business

Outside In completed a thorough assessment of our sales capability and presented a clear and coherent set of recommendations for our future development.

The five recommended areas remain at the centre of our plans for the future. 

Robin White

Sales and Marketing Director, Nationwide Platforms / Lavendon Group

Our 4 STEP consultative approach will help you to fix the right sales related challenges.


We always start with a detailed sales team performance assessment. This provides you with the answers to your key selling questions.


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To discuss how we can help you to transform your sales performance

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