Helping companies to implement modern, value based, strategic selling.

Assess Capability

Evaluate your company’s current sales and mangement capability; to understand how ready you are for a shift to strategic selling.

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Develop Strategic Sellers

Embed a strategic selling methodology in your process that guides your team to sell value consistently, win more and discount less.

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Develop Sales Coaches

Transform your sales culture; develop managers to be effective strategic sales coaches that lift their team’s performance.

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Sales Tools & Apps

Reinforce the regular strategic selling activities; use digital sales tools & apps embedded in Salesforce to guide sellers to do the right things consistently.


Need help transforming to strategic selling?

We have the building blocks of a strategic sales transformation program, and the grey hairs to know how best to deploy them.

Insightful B2B Sales team assessment 

A comprehensive value-centric sales methodology

Sales coaching and skills development

Tools & apps that embed new habits into workflow

Garry actively listened in order to learn and understand the most important challenges for my team. He then worked with me to develop and deliver the right interventions that improved performance.

He provided wonderful support in engagements with the wider executive team.

Gareth Jones

Head of Desk Sales, Virgin Media Business

Outside In completed a thorough assessment of our sales capability. They then presented a clear and coherent set of recommendations for our future sales performance and development.

The five recommended areas remain at the centre of our plans for the future.

Robin White

Sales & Marketing Director, Lavendon Group

Outside In were able to accelerate our adoption of the core building blocks for sales performance.

James Dinsdale

Managing Director, G4S UK

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Quick-25 Health Check

A quick-fire, 25-question health check. Measure key parts of your company’s current sales capability. Free Report to your inbox.

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Forget outcome measures

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DealSheet, DealCoach and enablement links.

DealSheet got better today – with DealCoach as standard to help sales managers improve the effectiveness of opportunity reviews and embeded enablement links to support salespeople.

Training is the go-to for lazy sales managers

The go-to development option for lazy sales managers is “training”. In this short post learn why this is such a poor option and the alternatives available.

Your company value proposition defines how you must sell.

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Are you coachable?

Are you coachable as a sales professional? If not you are going to limit your success. Read more about the three key steps to effective coaching.

How to do discovery.

Do you want to improve your discovery process? Here’s a structure you can use to improve this area of your sales process.

Discovery is the foundation of selling value.

Poor discovery is the biggest root cause of lost deals and pipeline slippage. Here’s some ideas on what to do about it for B2B sellers.

Sales Technology ALONE is not your silver bullet.

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