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B2B companies need to compete, and for many this means differentiating on value rather than price.

If you are trying to do this today, you’ll know how hard it is. To improve your chances of success, focus on the 4-P’s of Sales performance:

> Align your strategy and initiatives with PURPOSE

> Place the right PEOPLE in the right roles and coach improvement

> Enable sellers with a compelling VALUE PROPOSITION.

> Use the right SALES PROCESS to consistently guide actions

For success you must deliver against all four dimensions of sales performance. 

Four sales performance related questions

How will you understand, coach and develop a better performing sales team?

A Sales Force Evaluation will assess whether or not your sales team can deliver more competitive advantage. Identify key capabilities for sales, managers and leaders for development and coaching

How will you use value messaging to consistently guide your sales conversations?

Sales, marketing and commercial teams work together, using our Value Builder Canvas as a value messaging framework to guide prospecting, discovery, presenting value and differentiating your company.

How can you simplify process & tools to deliver consistency and raise sales intelligence?

Simple and intuitive process and tools that extend Salesforce will guide consistency. Increase your team’s CRM adoption and present timely, accurate and insightful data to support better sales management.

How will you accelerate time-to-value and lower the risk of your sales change initiatives?

To deliver your ‘better way of selling’, you must implement change effectively. Our consulting services will help you to transform sales; accelerating sales improvement initiatives and lowering your risk.

To discuss how we can help you transform and sustain sales performance

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To discuss how we can help you transform and sustain sales performance

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