A better way of selling.

We help B2B sales leaders to transform sales performance.




Transform your sales talent, proposition and process – using diagnostic led, data-driven, technology backed answers.




Four steps for effective B2B sales transformation.


According to the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co, around 70% of all change initiatives fail.

Why? It’s not usually through lack of effort, or by not thinking enough about the problems faced.

Transformation projects fail when they cannot deliver sustained fixes to the right problems.

How can you take a more systematic, data-driven, approach to improve sales performance?


Your results are below expectations, but you don’t know the reasons WHY. 

Your first step is to diagnose. Get answers to your questions related to sales and revenue performance.  Can you grow? By how much? How can this be achieved?

Use the world’s leading sales force evaluation to capture data related to your current situation, complemented by our consultancy discussions and proven frameworks for B2B sales success. It’s been used by over 31,500 sales organisations, so you’re in good hands.

Detailed data helps you to understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in sales.


You know now why you are struggling, but you’re not sure WHAT to improve.

Armed with detailed findings from the sales force evaluation, you will now focus on the most important issues.

We help you to see the issues impacting you the most by comparing against good practice and proven methodology.

The data highlights your priority areas in the areas of sales talent, Go-To-Market strategy, processes, tools and systems.

In a facilitated workshop for your key stakeholders, your team will engage and build the plan your company requires to improve sales performance. 

You need to execute your plan now. At this stage, it’s time to implement change. 

We will work alongside your team to make the changes necessary; sharing proven processes, tools, training, models and methodology to accelerate the changes you seek.

Sales teams are critical to your competitive edge. Hire A-Team performers and develop selling skills so your current team so they are more consultative, value-centric and able to differentiate your company against competitors. Support sales managers, as the most important change agents in your team, to balance conflicting priorities and to coach more effectively. 

Do you have the change skills to reduce the risk of change and accelerate results?

Having made the changes, you must now ensure that your improvements stick, or what was the point.

Take improved processes, embed supportive tools and fine-tune measurement to ensure that your gains are sustained.

Reinforce learning and priorities for individuals and managers, to keep them focused on the fundamental success factors. Help sales managers step up their coaching to accelerate performance improvement. 

How will you reinforce, embed and fine-tune business-as-usual activities and make them stick?

There is a better way of selling

Do you have the experience to transform your sales results alone?

Risk 1 – Poor diagnosis.

Are you certain that you’re fixing the right problems in your efforts to deliver growth? Many companies are not, and waste huge amounts of effort fixing the issues they hope are causing problems.

We help to minimise these risks – working with you and your team to diagnose the issues really holding your company back.

Risk 2 – Poor execution

Poor implementation will hamper even the best thought out plan. Reduce the risk of your initiative failing, by adding our experience in sales transformation to your team.

We will help you to shorten the time it takes to deliver improvements, and lower the risk of not landing your initiative first time.


Garry actively listened in order to learn and understand the most important challenges for my team. He then worked with me to develop and deliver the right interventions to lift performance. He provided wonderful support in engagements with the wider executive stakeholders to build advocacy and consensus.

Gareth Jones

Head of Desk Sales, Virgin Media Business

Outside In completed a thorough assessment of our sales capability and presented a clear and coherent set of recommendations for our future development. The five recommended areas remain at the centre of our plans for the future.

Robin White

Sales and Marketing Director, Nationwide Platforms / Lavendon Group

Outside In were able to accelerate our adoption of the core building blocks for sales performance. 




James D.

Managing Director, UK, G4S

The building blocks of successful sales transformation

The world’s best sales assessment approach

A value-focused sales methodology

Targeted coaching and skills development

Tools and apps to embed the right sales habits


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