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Teams working together can differentiate on value

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Lower the risk of sales improvement initiatives

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We help B2B companies to find ‘A better way of selling’

B2B companies need to compete, for many this means differentiating on value rather than price.

If you are trying to do this today, you’ll know how hard it is. Improve your chances of success, use the 4-P’s of Sales performance:

> Place the right PEOPLE in the right roles.

> Enable sellers with the right VALUE PROPOSITION.

> Adopt the right SALES PROCESS to guide activity

> Align initiatives with a clear strategy and PURPOSE

Ideally you’ll have all four covered. How are you doing?

Build selling capability in your people

A Sales Force Evaluation will assess whether or not your sales team is delivering competitive advantage. You can identify key capabilities that require development and coaching

Messaging to sell on value not price

Have teams work together, using our Value Builder Canvas as a high level value messaging framework that guides preparation, enablement, discovery, presenting and differentiating on value.

Selling Tools for Intelligent Enterprises

Simple and intuitive selling tools that extend Salesforce and guide consistency in your selling activities. Increase CRM adoption and present timely, insightful data to support better decision making.

Sales consulting for a better way of selling

To deliver your better way of selling, you must implement change effectively. Our consulting services will help you to transform sales; accelerating sales improvement initiatives and lowering your risk.

To discuss how we can help you transform and sustain sales performance

Blog Updates

Outside In partners with the world leader in Sales Force Evaluations

I am excited to share that Outside In are a Certified Partner of Objective Management Group, the world's leading in Sales Force Evaluation in the last 30 years, and winner of the Top Assessment Tool...

For Excellence in Sales Management, look beyond your best reps in the talent pool.

I was listening this morning to Eddie Jones on the radio, reflecting on the recent world cup run for the England rugby team and taking about his career. Something he said prompted me to think about...

Selling lessons from the saddle.

After 980 miles in the saddle, our Founder Garry Mansfield has found a number of similarities between cycling and B2B Sales. Read more here.

980 miles | 9 days in the saddle.

Outside In are part of the Pledge 1% movement, we give 1% of of time and products and services to help good causes. The drive to do this for Parkinson’s UK research spurred me on. I am...

Set up account planning for success

Garry Mansfield and Steve Hoyle collaborate on an article for the Institute of Sales Management. Learn the key considerations when setting up your approach to account planning for success, and getting the balance right between creativity and technology tools.

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