Sales Coaching

Sales Performance coaching raises individual and team performance

For most B2B companies, the sales team is one of their the most valuable assets. They turn to these people to fuel the companies growth.

To realise maximum performance from every individual requires that you change behaviours. This cannot be ‘trained’ in a single day’s training course (though these can help as part of a coaching programme). Training without reinforcement and action is typically forgotten within a month. To sustain change it is necessary to hone skills over an extended period of focused effort.

Our Sales coaching programmes are targeted at b2b sales teams. They focus on unlocking the potential in everyone.

Sales Coaching Approach

We provide sales coaching to raise the performance of sales executives, sales managers and individual sales people.

We use a proven approach to sales coaching. This has been used successfully for over a decade to improve sales performance . We keep things simple, working one on one with each person and supported by group sessions to help them;

  • understand their environment. Make sense of the pressures they face every day in the workplace.
  • define what good looks like for their particular role
  • objectively assess their current performance.
  • leverage tools and information to measure performance
  • identify performance gaps
  • take responsibility for change
  • unlock their motivation

We adapt to each individual, be they seasoned professionals or new starters. We use the most appropriate engagement style to focus on the individual and their potential. We use numerous tools and approaches to capture supporting information. This may include pipeline tools such as our DealSheet solution.

We work alongside you for an extended period (usually 3-6 months). We use a kick off session to launch the sales coaching, followed by regular interaction each month to maintain progress.

Our Sales coaches are seasoned sales professionals and coaches. We are experienced in the development of sales teams whether they be junior or long term professionals.

Read our customer success stories to further. Including the development of a Performance management and coaching programme for one of the world most iconic brands.


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