Loyal customers value you, stay with you longer and continue to buy and accelerate growth. The best value propositions are built on customer insight. Sales and marketing teams can use insight in a relevant, compelling and valuable way to communicate your proposition more effectively and improve customer engagement. This is central to Outside In selling.



Build ‘playbooks’ from improved customer insights that guide your team to greater and faster success. Help them to educate, challenge and communicate your value clearly.


Lower the risk of a ‘no-decision’ outcome by engaging customers with relevant propositions that compel them to act.


Deliver the promises you make in your value proposition to improve customer experience, retention and lifetime value.

BluePrint modules

Customer insights

Successful sales teams are relevant to the needs of a buyer and understand how their needs change at different moments in time. When you are more informed about buyers, and what is important to them throughout their buying journey, it is possible to focus on doing the right thing at the right time.

Compelling propositions

Building offers that people want will give you competitive advantage, and you can use this to capture market share in your selected markets. An effective approach to proposition development will control development costs, accelerate time to market and improve the success rate for new innovative offers.

Value playbooks

A step by step guide to building value based offers for customers. Be clear and spell out the messaging and supporting collateral your company needs to be able to influence customer decisions and engage with them at the right time for continued growth.

Communicating Value

Sales and marketing teams who communicate value in a clear, convincing manner can influence customers more effectively. Get this right and reduce the length of the sales cycle, improve win rates and lower risk of a ‘no-decision’ outcome.

Customer experience management

Loyal customers will value what you do for them and stay with you for longer. More repeat purchases will increase the lifetime value of each customer for your business and provide a foundation for growth.

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