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Read our whitepapers, sales improvement guides, research and ideas.


You can’t manage outcomes such as revenue and customer experience. So, how do you manage the right activities and do the right things, right? A simple and easy checklist to use today.


How do you ensure your salespeople have the right capabilities for success? Use these simple performance frameworks for B2B sales and sales management.

Implementing a new selling approach

Download your guide to implementing a new sales approach: how to plan and implement the right approach and how to accelerate adoption and sustain improvement.

Example business case

Download the example DealSheet business case to show how improved opportunity management could positively improve your bottom line.

Opportunity Management Research Infographic

At Outside In, we believe that one of the greatest success factors in B2B sales performance is how you manage your opportunity pipeline. We wanted to gather evidence to prove [or disprove] this belief. Download the high level research findings (infographic)

Partner DealSheet Product Brochure

If you sell via Channel and need help managing opportunities view Outside In’s this Partner DealSheet product brochure to see how we can help.

DealSheet Product Brochure

Download the DealSheet brochure.
If you have a Partner or Channel sales team you may also be interested in DealSheet for Partner Sales.

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