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DealSheet pre-call plan adds focus to your tasks.

This DealSheet pre-call plan application is free.

DealSheet pre-call plan adds some additional custom fields to your task layouts, helping your sales team to plan for more effective sales meetings.

  • Pre-call preparation fields – Why should this customer care about the meeting and what is your objective, purpose and desired commitment for each meeting?

  • Prepare your meeting content – what insights will you share, what questions will you ask and how will you prepare to answer questions expected from this customer? Be ready to convey the right messages.

  • Follow up the meeting with post-call review fields on every task. Did you meet your objective and what reflections on the meeting?

Admins simply add these new fields to a task or event for a new customer meeting. The fields are part of the task/event so they can be easily viewed in Salesforce 1 for use in the car park before the meeting and handled in reporting.

This is an unmanaged package so you will be able to edit the fields once installed if you need to change them a little.

This will save you the time needed to research the best practice of meeting planning and then building it in your org. Let us do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s your link

The link for an unmanaged package is below. Add this to Salesforce to install the package.


Installing DealSheet pre-call plan

Note: V1.1 of the pre-call plan fields has a further field in addition to this video. A picklist field to capture the “Primary meeting purpose”. This helps sales people to think about the reason for the meeting – to gather information, identify risk etc.

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