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Big companies can’t innovate

See the original article here <HBR ARTICLE> Maxwell Wessel makes some great points in this article and the subsequent two parts of the series. We have experienced similar issues when working with clients of ours on offer/proposition development projects. Expectations The sales teams and senior managers NEED innovation in the client offer. This is necessary to remain competitive against



High performance DNA

In a recent engagement with a client the question was asked – “what does high performance mean for our sales team?” I am sure they are not alone in seeking an answer to this question. If you are building a sales organisation that delivers complex solutions to customers have you taken time recently to reflect



Why you lose deals ?

Do you know why you don’t win the deals you invest heavily in? In a recent post from Shipley they provide their findings from over 1,000 senior level win/loss interviews and cite the main reasons why companies lose deals. It is a really interesting read and we recommend you spend a little time reading through it. It is really



5 Steps to success in performance management

An effective approach to Performance Management in a sales organisation is one of the fundamentals of success. Many of us know that effective performance management realises value for the individual and their manager, yet many sales leaders do not prioritise this important activity citing lack of time as a common excuse. The performance of any




An old boss of mine in the mid 90’s had a great point of view when one of the team lost a deal. His rationale was this – either you shouldn’t have gone after the deal it in the first place or you were just Outsold! Harsh but true, one of your competitors played the



Customer focused sales or pitching?

How many times have you seen a salesperson leave a sales appointment knowing little more about the customers situation relative to when they went in? Failure to really understand the situation drastically reduces win chances. This is quite common for those sales people who are lacking confidence and therefore fall back on the good old



Challenges | Drivers

Improving sales performance is a complex challenge with no single answer. For you to deliver your ambitious growth plans you must handle  complex trade offs related to customer focus, people performance and process. We believe there is no single “silver bullet” answer rather a blend of answers tailored to your situation. Outside in thinking can help you to prioritise your



Deal Sheet for Salesforce

  Deal Sheet is our simple to use, fully integrated Salesforce App that will help you win more business through more effective opportunity management. Check it out at              


Why bother with Sales Stages?

Getting deals to move through the pipeline towards final [successful] close is THE role of sales people. In our experience the more you align the sales stages [your sales process] with those in the clients buying process the better will be the velocity of your pipeline. Imagine for a minute that you have a number



“My-Solution My-opia”

In taking your offer to a client try to avoid “my-solution my-opia” (Where you as the seller are short sighted in relation to the clients true perspective). This can leave you looking through rose tinted glasses. There are reasons why the buyer doesn’t always agree with the sellers point of view. 1. They have a


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