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7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers

As a sales manager, you can’t manage outcomes like revenue, profit and customer experience, but you can be in control of the activities that make a difference between winning and losing.

Our latest webinar “The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers” looked at how to create a motivating culture within your sales team.

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  • the 7 key levers that you can use to improve sales engagement and increase motivation
  • how you can easily build a sales culture that motivates the right behaviours. One that helps to make best-practice habitual
  • see the simple tools that are available to you, to build a motivational sales culture, and engage your sales team
  • see how simple changes to your systems will help you to define, prompt, measure and encourage the right activities that make a difference between winning and losing
  • hear practical experience of how CloudApps customers have turned around performance through motivational tactics.

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The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers
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