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We help B2B companies to sell more successfully

B2B Sales Assessment

Understand priorities and how to accelerate improvements in sales performance.


Deal Sheet

Improve opportunity management with our methodology embedded into your CRM.

B2B Sales Effectiveness

Make sales operations more effective with process and people improvements.

Proposition Development

Develop compelling offers and prepare sales teams to engage with target customers.

Sales Performance Coaching

Develop the capabilities of sales teams through shared experience and 1-2-1 coaching

Customer Experience Management

Deploy a winning customer experience strategy to accelerate growth and improve retention.

About Outside In

We are a specialist UK B2B sales consultancy. We were born in 2008 out of frustration with too many “silver bullet” product and service companies trying to sell the next big thing. Performance challenges were more complex than a simple fix.

We work “outside-in”, focused on your needs and investing the time to understand where improvement potential lies. We then field the right  multi-disciplinary team for your project.

We are not a large or complex organisation, so we’re easy to work with. Our specialist team is an associate network of highly successful professionals who are obsessive about meeting demanding requirements. Since 2012 we have been a Salesforce.com ISV Partner and we are a Microsoft partner too to support our opportunity management system, Deal Sheet. Try us!

  • B2B Sales Experience 100%
  • UK B2B Sales Consultancy and Transformation 95%
  • B2B Sales Performance Coaching 90%
  • B2B Sales Applications 80%
  • B2B Customer Experience Management 85%

Why us?

We are career B2B professionals in sales, sales management and sales transformation.

We have led sales teams numbering hundreds of people, worked in SMB sales, mid market through to global account management.

We understand your world is complex. We can help.

We focus on mutual value for you and your customers as the number 1 priority.

Using this insight we develop activities that equip your sales and marketing teams to sell more successfully.  We work with your team to bring a fresh and new perspective.

We don’t believe in long reports or overly theoretical waffle (though we generally understand it).

We offer practical, implementable answers and work along side you to deliver successfully. We aim to make things easy and not over complicate things to try and prove how clever we are.

We work as part of YOUR team.

We will challenge your thinking but only to ensure you have the right plans and then we get right behind you, providing additional and experienced resource to speed up implementation.

100% of our clients would recommend us

 ‘Outside In delivered the best outward facing work that I have seen at this company in 5 years’

MV, Global IT Business

You must decouple Sales stages and probability. Today.

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