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We are a specialist B2B sales improvement consultancy. We use our experience to help clients to improve sales performance. In B2B companies three core capabilities are essential for success; a compelling proposition, capable people and effective process. If you can blend all three correctly you will improve sales results.

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DealSheet. Improve win rates.

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 DealSheet provides a reliable core for B2B sales improvement. It simplifies opportunity and pipeline management for direct and partner sales teams. With DealSheet a sales leader is better able to control pipeline risk, forecast more confidently and deliver consistency of approach across the sales team.

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Trustcomm: Customer Success with DealSheet

Satellite Services company controls growing pains with DealSheet “DealSheet takes the art of selling and creates objective and measurable metrics.” Customer ViewResultsSolutionBack StoryDownload as PDF “DealSheet takes the art of selling and creates... read more

Business Case Analysis

Let’s consider how a business case is used and how business case analysis will add value to your discussions. In the first post in this series I looked at the importance of using your narrative to add meaning to a business case. In the second we described how... read more

Business Case Impact

To support a prospects business case story there are a few key components that should matter to you as a salesperson. They should demand your attention as each element helps to show the extent to which your proposal impacts the prospect company’s performance.... read more

Business Case Story.

I want to tell you a story… When considering change, a company will typically require a business case as part of the buying process. Without one it can be challenging for a company to understand the value of an investment. This is especially true for situations... read more

Top Performers focus on ‘Winnables’

Top performing sales teams and sales people have better control of where they spend their effort. A disciplined approach to selling can dramatically improve your bottom line by controlling cost of sales and improving returns. We recently researched opportunity... read more

10 areas for Marginal Gains in Sales

  I completed my first 100 mile ride recently and it got me on to thinking about what I had learned in the process. Of course training was key, mental strength important and nutrition critical amongst many other things. It made me reflect again about the... read more

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