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Outside In Sales & Marketing

We are a specialist consulting team focused on B2B sales improvement.

We know that improving sales performance is often more complex than a single fix so we resist “silver bullet” solutions.

We work “outside-in”, focused on your needs and investing the time to understand where your improvement potential lies.

We then field the right multi-disciplinary team to help you succeed.

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DealSheet simplifies opportunity management, improves sales consistency and helps sales leaders identify pipeline risk  >>more

Sales Consultancy

Our sales consultancy services will help to prioritise your sales improvement efforts in the right places >>more

How to navigate the b2b buying process in :60

B2B buyers follow a three stage process for buying. A recent research study confirmed these steps, see here how to navigate this.


Two skills salespeople need ‘in the bag’ in :60

B2B buyers really want two core things from sales people. A recent research study highlighted what makes the best better.


How to appreciate emotional and rational buyer behaviour in :60

B2B buyers are influenced by the emotional and rational brain. See more about what the research tells us.


Two things buyers want from your sales team in :60

Two things buyers want from your sales team has been highlighted in a recent research study. Are you ready to engage in the right way?


How to assess your customer’s buying team in :60

There are on average 5.8 people are involved in a b2b customer’s buying process, and over 10 for complex procurements. You face complexity, read this to improve your chances of success.


3 things to know about complex procurements in :60

How can you increase the pace of a complex procurement with a new approach to engaging customers.


How to make better commit decisions in :60

Are you confident when you commit your forecast? Hear a simple way to think about your deals and make more confident commitments.


How to forecast like a winner in :60

How to be predictable and consistent when forecasting.


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