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We are a specialist B2B sales improvement consultancy. We use our experience to help clients to improve sales performance. In B2B companies three core capabilities are essential for success; a compelling proposition, capable people and effective process. If you can blend all three correctly you will improve sales results.

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DealSheet. Improve win rates.

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 DealSheet provides a reliable core for B2B sales improvement. It simplifies opportunity and pipeline management for direct and partner sales teams. With DealSheet a sales leader is better able to control pipeline risk, forecast more confidently and deliver consistency of approach across the sales team.

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Outside In Thinking from our blog.

To improve sales get a leader not a manager

  Do you need to improve sales performance? If the answer to this is YES you will need to successfully deliver and sustain change. To make change stick you need more than a sales manager to lead the team. Sales management is great but is it enough? Sales... read more

5 Steps to Sales Performance Management success

An effective approach to Sales Performance Management is a fundamental requirement for success. Effective performance management should be a positive forward looking experience that adds value to an individual, when this is done right it will raise the performance bar... read more

Controlling pipeline slippage and the bow wave.

Are you controlling slippage and the bow wave in your pipeline and forecast? A ‘bow wave’ happens when deals that are forecast to close in a particular month then at the time you were expecting them to close they slip, when they reach the forecast close... read more

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