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A specialist consulting team focused on B2B sales improvement.

Working “outside-in” focused on your needs, we can support you to succeed; improving consistency, motivation and engagement, opportunity and sales management.


DealSheet simplifies opportunity management, improves sales consistency and helps sales leaders identify pipeline risk  >>more

dealsheet +motivate


Use +motivate to extend DealSheet and improve engagement in sales >>more

Sales Consultancy

Our sales consultancy services will help to prioritise your sales improvement efforts in the right places >>more

Press release: Outside In Sales & Marketing partners with Awards International at the Professional Sales Awards 2017

Outside In are excited to partner with Awards International this year at the Professional Sales Awards 2017 and have Garry Mansfield, MD, on the judging panel.


The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers

A review of our latest webinar which discussed motivating sales people in order to improve engagement and inevitably performance and sales.


A structured approached to sales performance coaching

Using the simple YOU CAN GROW model we look at GROW in this short video, so you can systematically plan and execute more successful coaching discussions today.


The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers

Watch “The 7 habits of motivational B2B sales managers”.


Press release: DealSheet recognised as a Top Sales Tool of 2016 by Smart Selling Tools

Nancy Nardin, Founder and President of Smart Selling Tools says, “Congratulations to Outside In Sales & Marketing. The market needs a solution like DealSheet. It provides immense value at a more affordable price than what’s available by others in the market.”


How to define your sales performance equation in :60

How can you think about sales performance in B2B. Our sales performance equation provides you with a simple approach to capture the very definition of performance.


Adopting a coaching approach to B2B marketing

Malcolm Nicholson from International Coaching News speaks to Garry Mansfield, Outside In Sales & Marketing about the impact and benefits of coaching.


iNspiring sales performance

How sales managers can build an inspiring sales culture, one that will develop sales performance, encourage, guide and motivate.


How YOU CAN GROW sales performance in :60

See how a simple model can revolutionise your coaching conversations with your team, use it and YOU CAN GROW individual and team performance


Press release: The challenge of the game – using competition to motivate better B2B opportunity management

Outside In Sales & Marketing (OISM) are excited to announce a partnership with CloudApps.


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