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A specialist consulting team focused on B2B sales improvement.

Working “outside-in” focused on your needs, we can support you to succeed; improving consistency, motivation and engagement, opportunity and sales management.


DealSheet simplifies opportunity management, improves sales consistency and helps sales leaders identify pipeline risk  >>more

dealsheet +motivate


Use +motivate to extend DealSheet and improve engagement in sales >>more

Sales Consultancy

Our sales consultancy services will help to prioritise your sales improvement efforts in the right places >>more

How to ‘coach the middle’ in :60

Where do sales managers invest coaching time? This post shows that if you coach the middle you get a better return


Why you don’t need a ‘Moussa Sissoko’ : in 60 seconds

The story of Moussa Sissoko is a great lesson for sales managers looking to build a winning culture and high performing sales team.


How to ‘move the middle’ in :60

Why do you need to focus on uplifting average performers? Because this is where your results will improve significantly.


How to help managers influence results in :60

How can you help front line sales managers to influence results in their team? A simple rule will help you prioritise in the right areas today.


How to focus a sales review discussion in :60

To focus a sales review, focus on things that can be done, achieved or progressed. If you improve the things you can control this will improve results.


How to handle “just find more X” in :60

How often does your review turn into a “just find X debate (more sales, more customers, more profit). Here’s why it’s the wrong conversation to be having


How to engage a final stage buyer in :60

Read this article to find out about the one overriding concern of a final stage buyer at the end of a typical b2b buying process.


How to engage a stage 2 buyer in :60

Read this article for ideas on key sales tools you can use at the mid point of the buying process, to help buyers progress their procurement process.


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